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“Followers”: In what sense?

Let's admit it! The more "followers" someone has, the more inclined we are to follow that person too. The more "likes" we see, the easier it is for us to click that button under his post. It's not that we don't have our own opinion or that we necessarily disagree with that, but my point… Continue reading “Followers”: In what sense?

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Quality Content

These days, I've been trying to understand better the secrets of writing as a blogger. I searched a lot and read many articles about how you can write in an influential way, which means how you can write a blog that can engage your audience. What impressed me most of all, though, is the plethora… Continue reading Quality Content



"I love you", "I hate you", "I think you are an idiot", "I think you are so clever"... just simple words? Everyday we use words to communicate our feelings and thoughts, yet we tend to use them mostly unconsciously, often without understanding completely the impact these simple words have on other people's lives. More than… Continue reading THE POWER OF WORDS

Summer, Summertime


Summertime... How many of us are waiting for these summer days all year long? We got used to live unconsciously... we follow a daily routine like someone else is leading our lives and we are just simple observers. We often forget that the reason we live is not to work. We get trapped in our… Continue reading Summertime…


Our path

Each of us has his own path. A path full of our dreams waiting for fulfillment. A path of adventures, of challenges, of bright new beginnings. This is it! Make the choice to own your decisions and dare to live your life to the fullest. Only this way at the end of your path, looking… Continue reading Our path