YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE GREAT TOIn the past, I used to be one of those people who were postponing whatever I could postpone. I was thinking “why doing this today, since I can do it tomorrow?”. Have you ever been too lazy to complete your work? Or maybe have you started with enthusiasm, but you felt that at the end you didn’t have the energy to finish your project? If this has happened to you a few times, then it ‘s normal. Everyone has his ups and downs. The problem begins when at some point there are so many unfinished works that they become overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed is a very intense feeling and difficult to handle in order to reach a solution. Why? Because when you are feeling overwhelmed, you are psychologically paralyzed and you can’t do anything to change that. A change requires first of all realization of the situation and then willing and strength of character. But the most important key for dealing with any problem you may face in life and make any change is the ability to act even under situations that leave you overwhelmed.

There are many reasons for someone who doesn’t act proactively: laziness, fear, lack of willing etc. But without action you cannot grow and live a fruitful life. I ‘m thinking of the very common phrase: “Life is too short”. I think that life is too short for those who don’t act but instead of that, they just wait passively to see the puzzle of life completed without any effort. The truth is that we have to be proactive. Life is not guaranteed and we should be mature enough to take fully the responsibility of that gift which is called life.

Living just waiting that everything will be magically solved is just an illusion. Many of us might not want to destroy this illusion, but since we only have one life on earth and one chance to make the best out of it, we shouldn’t be passive observers of our lives. Taking action shouldn’t scare us more and make us feel overwhelmed. If every person tries to take action on a daily basis, step by step, he will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Of course, every person has to take different actions in order to be happy. There are no recipes. This is why we should never compare ourselves with others to see if we are as successful as them. We should stay focused on our own life path.

Sometimes, my writing might seem to have an instructional tone, but the last thing I would ever want is to preach anyone. One of the reasons I decided to start writing here is because sharing our experiences with others can save valuable time in life to those who are willing to open up and actually listen to someone else. So, if I am writing this post is to tell you from my heart:

Let’s not waste time until everything in life is perfect to act and live the life we want, because things will not always go our way. We have to be flexible enough and act in alignment with our path. If you expect to be great before you start, most probably you will never start acting. Because unavoidably, becoming great requires you to start without being great. We are all here to learn. No one learned swimming outside the water and no one became an expert in his field without failures and obstacles.

What is important, though, is never to allow fear to paralyze us. This is life. We are here now. You are here now. Don’t miss the opportunity of starting whatever will make you grow, whatever will make you happy now. Not tomorrow, not in ten years, not when you will have money, not when you will have the perfect partner. Live in the present and act in a meaningful way to create the beautiful life you deserve!

“Followers”: In what sense?

ID-100214020Let’s admit it! The more “followers” someone has, the more inclined we are to follow that person too. The more “likes” we see, the easier it is for us to click that button under his post. It’s not that we don’t have our own opinion or that we necessarily disagree with that, but my point is that in many cases, we are easily influenced – more or less – by what is the mainstream. I remember how many times I said to myself “oh, that’s a really awful song” and a few days after listening to it on the radio, in clubs or elsewhere, not only I started enjoying it but I also started questioning my first reaction! Each of us, as an active member of our society who interacts with others, can be influenced dramatically by what other people do or think. In fact, only few have developed such a determination to resist all these daily messages of what someone should do, like, follow or not.

What’s the problem with following in social network? In my opinion, the notion of being a “follower” has an innate, maybe slightly discerned, distortion. I might be wrong, but first time I heard the word “follower” in the social network was when facebook was launched. From then on the term “follower” became such a common and popular word globally that now it’s used everywhere. At a first glance, it seems to be just a simple word. But since – as I had mentioned in a previous post – words are vehicles of concepts, I cannot help it but wondering how many of us think of ourselves as followers in life generally. We follow people, we follow posts, we follow actions, we follow anything with a “follow” button. At the end of the day, is this word so innocent as it seems?

Of course, the experts of marketing are measuring our likes and our followers to plan their strategies to earn more money from all of us. Based on what our choices are, they try to make conclusions about the opinion of the majority in the world: what they are interested in is the opinion of  “the average person”. But the average person simply does not exist in reality. You cannot be the same with me and vice versa. Neither we can be an average!

When we learn from a very young age to “follow” to such an extent, the chances are that, at some point, we might start considering ourselves as “followers” who will always search for someone to lead us and our lives. So, does this mean we should not follow or like anything or anyone? No. I am not saying that. But what I would consider, though, is to check every now and then, if following others has turned me into a more passive being that needs someone else to lead my life or if my interest for my very own life has started to dissipate.


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Quality Content


These days, I’ve been trying to understand better the secrets of writing as a blogger. I searched a lot and read many articles about how you can write in an influential way, which means how you can write a blog that can engage your audience. What impressed me most of all, though, is the plethora of statistics – absolute numbers – that lead everyone who writes towards a very specific direction of how and what he should write about in order to attract more people in his blog.

Everywhere, there are strategies on how to achieve everything. From a point of view that’s actually good because everyone can have access to different ways for ameliorating anything he might be interested in. However, on the other hand, I ‘m thinking how much we can restrict ourselves in the creative part of the process by following all those strategies and rules just to gain popularity.

What bloggers are advised from most of the articles I read is nothing else but strictly applying all the necessary steps that will guarantee the desirable success. We should use keywords, write content about the trends worldwide, create an attractive, unique title and many other tips that most popular bloggers follow. Of course, what was really emphasized in all the articles I read was the need to provide high quality content.

Honestly, lately, I have read many blogs. In my opinion, the large majority of them provide mostly high quality content. But while at the beginning quality content was enough for someone to be distinguished from all the others, now I observe that there is so much quality content out there, that is difficult for anyone to digest at this rate. Which is the result? We choose to “save” it for later or bookmark it or download all the quality work in the hope of having more free time in the future to read it. Everyday, we are bombarded by emails for posts of high quality. I would really like to read all of them. They are absolutely fascinating. It is unfortunate that a day has only 24 hours, but it’s a fact.

So, if in the past we were searching about quality content, then now what’s the next step? Which details will be those that will make a blogger who already provides a high quality content to get more attention than any other blogger with posts of the same level of quality in the same niche?..Just some thoughts..

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