Music therapy

These last days, I’ve been quite busy and I didn’t have enough time to post my thoughts here, but now… here I am! Recently, I have started exploring a new wonderful field that I wasn’t very well aware of….the field of music therapy. Music therapy, which is the healing through music, and more specifically the healing through our interaction with the kind of music we like, is a very interesting and promising approach to a more holistic way of therapy.

The rhythm and the melody of music are some excellent tools that can be used very successfully for therapeutic reasons. Music therapy, above all, helps us realize and reconnect with our deepest emotions and thus understand many of these hidden “why’s” of our actions. One of the exercises of the course I attend was to find pieces of music that have a relaxing effect to us and to start become more focused on the sounds that exist around us. A simple question such as “What can you hear right now?” for many people might seems to be meaningless.

However, I think it’s extremely important to realize what sounds exist in our every day life. Sometimes, some sounds can literally exhaust us while others can rejuvenate us. When we are able to evaluate how we feel from the sounds that we are surrounded with, we can make crucial decisions that affect the quality of our life. Knowing whether we are in an environment with sounds that bring us calmness or stress is of vital importance for our general well-being.

What’s your thoughts on that? For example, is this music relaxing for you or does it provoke other emotions, like sadness…maybe happiness?…

PS. Part 2 of Writing and dancing is coming next week. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Music therapy”

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      Not only some sounds aren’t therapeutic, but some of them may also have a “damaging” effect in the inner balance of people. I am thinking for example that sometimes there are songs that when you listen to them repetitively – even if you like them – can create a feeling of deep melancholy, even depression. Have you ever noticed it?

      Generally, it seems that music therapy (maybe sound therapy as well, but I haven’t studied that yet) is a very promising field indeed.

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      1. I think there is a place for many different types of therapy. I haven’t been trained in music therapy, however I can definitely see its power. Very true about different types of music. Years ago I listened to Radiohead quite a lot and even though I enjoyed it on one level, on another level it darkened my mood. I am more aware of my environment these days. Not just sounds, but colours, people, spaces etc. I have started to learn what environments are nurturing and which are destructive on some way.

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  1. I understand what you mean. I agree with you 100%.
    Some of us are more sensitive to our environment and some of us less – or should I say more or less aware of it?.. The truth is that it plays a very important role in our well-being. I am glad I “met” you! I look forward to communicating with you again. 🙂


    1. Oh! That’s so great! I read the course description and it’s basically what I do in my music therapy course… I think you will enjoy it very much! I will definitely read and write more about music therapy in the near future. What I consider as one of the most interesting parts of these courses is that you can learn the same things from totally different perspectives, accordingly to your tutor’s philosophy. For example, the tutor of my course has a strong influence from the Eastern philosophy (especially the Indian philosophy). I don’t agree with everything he says, but at least his approach helps me broaden my horizons.
      If you find anything that triggers your interest, drop a line! I would be glad to read you again! 🙂

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      1. Good insight about tutors. I’ve got some interest in Buddhist psychology, Hinduism and Daoism even though I wouldn’t consider myself religious. So your tutor sounds interesting. I am looking forward to the course so much 🙂 Yes please write more about music therapy.

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  2. Yes, he is definitely interesting! I am really excited about music therapy, so I will write more on that in the future for sure! Any ideas or input would be highly appreciated! 😉
    (Sorry for replying that late 🙂 )


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