Undoubtedly, our way of writing reflects our way of thinking. Being able to communicate effectively through writing, regardless of whether we are professional writers or not, is crucial for our self-development.

Since reality, according to psychological studies, is just the subjective understanding of all the factors that create our environment, it is vital to find all those bridges of communication that will allow us to share our perceptions of reality with each other.

Writing can bridge the gap of communication among people, but most of all, it can help us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings. How many times, for example, haven’t we all written down our emotions or thoughts in a diary, trying to open up our heart and to analyze a situation that we have been involved in?

Sometimes, writing can become a quite daunting process, as it brings to the surface feelings and thoughts we didn’t know that we have. Nonetheless, it is also a rewarding experience, as it helps you reconnect with yourself and recognize your inner voice better.

We could claim that in some ways writing is like dancing. You need to know the right words, like the right steps in dancing. However, that’s never enough. On the contrary, this is only the first stage, a first glimpse on what writing or dancing promise to give you in the future if you continue your efforts.

One of the most precious moments in someone’s life is when he feels that he can harvest the fruits of his labor. It’s the exact moment when a dancer transforms into an ethereal existence while dancing the Swan Lake. It’s the exact moment when a writer becomes master of words and creates a new reality, which will then share with his readers. This is when readers and writer start to share a secret world – their common reality.

Image courtesy of ponsuwan/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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