Our World Suffers From Arrogance

ID-100231622A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend about relationships and the way men and women approach each other. In a nutshell, what he was telling me was that he couldn’t find a woman good enough for himself, because most of them turned out to be selfish, arrogant, and insanely in love with themselves.

Yeah, you probably think that he might have been unlucky in love, but the truth is that I am not sure if it ‘s a matter of being lucky or not. That conversation made me think that arrogance is probably the number one ingredient for the absolute failure in relationships of any kind. The problem is that many people have a difficulty to clearly understand the fine line that exists between arrogance and confidence.

Having genuine confidence makes you attractive and also makes people want to spend more time with you. On the other hand, no one enjoys the company of arrogant people. Mainly, because arrogant people will never accept that they can make mistakes too, like anyone else. They feel that they have some special “super-power” which gives them the right to behave as “superior creatures”.

I have noticed that, nowadays, more and more women in an attempt to show that they are confident, cool – especially because they want to impress others – become arrogant. It is not a secret that men often feel confused and annoyed with that kind of behavior.

Of course, the same goes the other way around. We have all met men who are overconfident and arrogant. The more they try to attract the interest of other people, the more people run away.

Arrogance derives from the fear of what others may think of us, while confidence derives from feelings of love and acceptance of who we truly are.

Our world suffers from arrogance. Let’s free ourselves from that attitude and work with ourselves to gain genuine confidence, which will eventually liberate us from our fears.

Image courtesy of patrisyu/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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