Happiness For a Lifetime?


Indeed, it is strange how much every single of us tries to be happy in his life, yet very often happiness seems to be elusive. We all use the word “happiness” easily, but what is also easily understood is that each of us doesn’t mean the same thing.

For me, happiness is a personal achievement, through a long journey filled with unexpected obstacles. Yes, we may be temporarily “happy” with all the pleasant surprises and situations in our daily life. We can feel “happy” with our partner, family, friends etc. But being REALLY happy is much more than that.

Happiness is not caused by certain situations we experience. It is rather a permanent, underlying feeling, a feeling that comes as an assurance that we have been walking the right path for us in our lives. I would say, it is a sign that despite all the difficulties we may face, we haven’t lost our purpose of our existence and we are in alignment with our inner voice. That is actually an achievement that very few accomplish throughout life.

The reason for the latter is that since our childhood, we learn that the best way for achieving happiness is to do everything else but listening to ourselves. We learn how to please others and accepting mostly what is “normal” and “common” socially. This is unavoidable to a certain extent, but when someone starts to lose his real purpose in life because he is disconnected from his truth, nothing else matters, even if he is the most successful person in the world.

Pleasure is a different concept from happiness – and happiness results only from within. Many people have the imperative need to be always surrounded by people who are happy to feel happy too. Others only try to satisfy someone else to feel satisfied themselves too, because they have forgotten that happiness is a personal achievement. Have you ever noticed parents who cling on their children and drain them emotionally? In my opinion, this is a sign that these parents have forgotten how to be happy alone, without their children. They are happy only through them.

Happiness may be the result of a lot of pain and disappointments. Nonetheless, it ‘s the natural condition of human. Nowadays, most people instead of being happy, they are depressed. Why? Because they have missed a piece of their life purpose puzzle. They have missed a vital piece that would lead them to their fulfillment and therefore to their happiness. At some point, they got completely lost. This is why in many cases, psychologists can’t be a great help. The missing piece can be found again only by the person who lost it. No one else can find it for him.

So, it is important to have a perspective in life. It is easy to get lost if you get distracted by what other people do to be happy. But happiness comes from awareness of your inner needs and from the fact that you are not suppressing your inner voice, irrespectively of the obstacles you may have to overcome during your journey. Life is not easy, but it is rewarding. We can all find happiness. This is why, we should all try to live life to the fullest.

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5 thoughts on “Happiness For a Lifetime?”

    1. I am not going to lie to you…It takes time to trust your inner voice again! But you can start by simply observing your reactions, your thoughts and feelings. For example, how do you feel right now, reading my lines? Can you start being more aware of yourself, while doing something very simple, like drinking a cup of tea? What movements do you make? Observe yourself like you were a third person in many different situations. In a second phase, after some period of observation, start at the same time, asking yourself why you act like you do in these simple situations and how you feel about them. Don’t judge yourself about your feelings, just listen to the whispers of your heart and soul. After that, you should try to connect your observations with your feelings. You start becoming more aware of who you are and why you act in certain ways. There is not an immediate result. But my point is that you cannot trust your inner voice, unless you first accept yourself through awareness.


  1. Il est vrai que les gens s’oublient, oublient leur faculté à être heureux. Ils ont besoin de transposer le bonheur qui est en eux à un but extérieur (enfants, un job, une promotion, un sport, etc).
    Vous pouvez voir le mauvais côté de chaque chose/obstacle/difficulté, ou vous dire qu’au dessus des nuages noirs, le soleil brille toujours !

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! I ‘m still in the beginning of writing this blog… So far, it’s exciting! I read some of your posts and I find them really great! 🙂



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