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Quality Content


These days, I’ve been trying to understand better the secrets of writing as a blogger. I searched a lot and read many articles about how you can write in an influential way, which means how you can write a blog that can engage your audience. What impressed me most of all, though, is the plethora of statistics – absolute numbers – that lead everyone who writes towards a very specific direction of how and what he should write about in order to attract more people in his blog.

Everywhere, there are strategies on how to achieve everything. From a point of view that’s actually good because everyone can have access to different ways for ameliorating anything he might be interested in. However, on the other hand, I ‘m thinking how much we can restrict ourselves in the creative part of the process by following all those strategies and rules just to gain popularity.

What bloggers are advised from most of the articles I read is nothing else but strictly applying all the necessary steps that will guarantee the desirable success. We should use keywords, write content about the trends worldwide, create an attractive, unique title and many other tips that most popular bloggers follow. Of course, what was really emphasized in all the articles I read was the need to provide high quality content.

Honestly, lately, I have read many blogs. In my opinion, the large majority of them provide mostly high quality content. But while at the beginning quality content was enough for someone to be distinguished from all the others, now I observe that there is so much quality content out there, that is difficult for anyone to digest at this rate. Which is the result? We choose to “save” it for later or bookmark it or download all the quality work in the hope of having more free time in the future to read it. Everyday, we are bombarded by emails for posts of high quality. I would really like to read all of them. They are absolutely fascinating. It is unfortunate that a day has only 24 hours, but it’s a fact.

So, if in the past we were searching about quality content, then now what’s the next step? Which details will be those that will make a blogger who already provides a high quality content to get more attention than any other blogger with posts of the same level of quality in the same niche?..Just some thoughts..

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2 thoughts on “Quality Content”

  1. Really interesting topic…
    I think that the Web 2.0 has deeply transformed the way the ideas are generated and exchanged. In place of the traditional publishing system and its selection, a new horizontal system has come to light, a kind of publishing where everyone can be broadcaster for himself. This leads to a exponential growth of the volume of the content and no quality filter selects contents for us. The old long chain between the writer and the reader has been shortened. It’s really hard and a topical challenge to find a way for the reader to browse through that ocean.


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