New Year’s Eve

Last day of 2014... As I 'm siting at my desk many memories come to my mind. It's a day with mixed feelings. On one hand I am happy that a new year comes and I feel grateful for all the experiences I had during 2014. On the other hand, I have a feeling of… Continue reading New Year’s Eve


Music therapy

These last days, I've been quite busy and I didn't have enough time to post my thoughts here, but now... here I am! Recently, I have started exploring a new wonderful field that I wasn't very well aware of....the field of music therapy. Music therapy, which is the healing through music, and more specifically the… Continue reading Music therapy



Undoubtedly, our way of writing reflects our way of thinking. Being able to communicate effectively through writing, regardless of whether we are professional writers or not, is crucial for our self-development. Since reality, according to psychological studies, is just the subjective understanding of all the factors that create our environment, it is vital to find… Continue reading IS WRITING LIKE DANCING? part 1


Our World Suffers From Arrogance

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend about relationships and the way men and women approach each other. In a nutshell, what he was telling me was that he couldn't find a woman good enough for himself, because most of them turned out to be selfish, arrogant, and insanely in love… Continue reading Our World Suffers From Arrogance


Why Do You Write?

I have to confess that I have no idea how followers of a blog become followers. I have read many articles on how to attract your audience, but it seems to be a quite difficult concept for me to understand. I mean, when I like reading someone or when I can identify with a certain… Continue reading Why Do You Write?


Daring to Dream

Despite the challenges of today, dare to dream! Dream a better future for you, for your family, for the whole world and then every single day of your life take small steps towards your dream. Many people don't believe in dreaming. These are the people who often call themselves "just realists". They claim that dreaming… Continue reading Daring to Dream


Lunch with the Family: A Blessing or a Nightmare?

When was the last time you had lunch with your family? Yes! Lunch, not dinner! Nowadays, more and more people have their lunch in their working place alone or with their colleagues instead of lunching with their family members. If they have strong family bonds they might have a dinner time all together, but generally,… Continue reading Lunch with the Family: A Blessing or a Nightmare?


Happiness For a Lifetime?

Indeed, it is strange how much every single of us tries to be happy in his life, yet very often happiness seems to be elusive. We all use the word "happiness" easily, but what is also easily understood is that each of us doesn't mean the same thing. For me, happiness is a personal achievement,… Continue reading Happiness For a Lifetime?


How to Deal With Toxic Relationships Before You Become Totally Exhausted

If you have never come across so far the terms "toxic relationships" and "toxic people" you might be wondering what they mean... However, if you ever felt that you are in a relationship that instead of helping you enjoy life even more, it was an emotional disaster, you may have been dealing with a toxic… Continue reading How to Deal With Toxic Relationships Before You Become Totally Exhausted

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In the past, I used to be one of those people who were postponing whatever I could postpone. I was thinking "why doing this today, since I can do it tomorrow?". Have you ever been too lazy to complete your work? Or maybe have you started with enthusiasm, but you felt that at the end… Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING STARTED